Virudhunagar Tour


Aruppukkottai is renowned weaving centre. Both handloom and power loom weaving are undertaken. In the handloom sector both silk and cotton sarees are woven. The power loom units weave towels, sarees. lungis. bedsheets and bedcovers. Units for spinning yarn as well as unit of dyeing yarn have been established here.

Kamaraj’s House

The house where the great leader Kamaraj and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was born has been converted into a memorial. The rooms are adorned with photographs of the leader at every stage of his life. A few of his clothes, his watch as well as articles used by him are displayed.


Rajapalayam is derived from the word Raja’s Tamil synonyms for Raja and palayam in Tamil a ‘cantonment’ or fort. The Rajapalayam means Raja’s bit. Rajapalayam is inhabited chiefly by people who came from an old Vijayanagar State. There are spinning mills, power looms factories, waste cotton plant, wood screw factory, surgical cotton, plaster of Paris, bolt and nail, insulated electrical goods, cycle spare parts, sugar cane crusher rolls, saw mills, electrical motor manufacturing and etc.

Saverier Church

The Francis - Association took back in trust to build a grand church in honors of the Saint francis. This divine church was open to public on 03-03 -2003 The structure depicts on one side Hindu God Srikrishna riding on chariot driven by seven horses the back side is in the shape of half moon depicting the sign of Islam. The tall Cross reminds the Christian faiths. Special mass is conducted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ramana Maharishi Ashram

Sri Ramana Maharishi was born on 30. 12.1879 in Thiruchuli. His mother was Tmt Azhagammal and father was Thiru. Sundaram Iyer. He lived in the house of ‘Suridara Mandhiram’. He studied in Sethupathi Primary School. An ashram was established in 1988 on the banks of the river Gundar to propagate his teachings.

Sivakasi Town

Sivakasi is an important industrial town. It is famous for Lithographic and offset Printing, Match and Fire works industries. Next to Sivakasi, lithographic and offset printing is done only in Bombay. In and around Sivakasi there is a group of fireworks manufacturing units, manufacturing crackers, sparkers, Chakkrams etc.,


Srivilliputhur 74 km from Virudhunagar. Sri Andal is a great Vaishnavite saint and her pasurams are popular in Tamil nadu. The temple belongs to the 18th century A.D. testified by the inscriptions in it. Thirumalai Naick of Madurai and his sister have made intensive additions to the temple. The characteristic feature of the temple is 192 feet high tower which has 12 store’s. The massive wooden car which is several centuries old, has 9 huge is wheels. Ph : 04563 260254


Thiruchuli which was known as Thiruchulliyal is the 10th of 14 ancient padal petra sthalam in Pandya Nadu. This is the birth place of Sri Ramana Maharishi. Thiruchuli is the Railway station on Manamadurai Virudhunagar line.


Tiruthangal is located on the road from Virudhunagar to Sivakasi. Three Sangam age poets Mudakkorranar, Porkollan Vennahanar and Athireyan Sengannanar were said to have lived at Tiruthangal.


The Vembakottai Reservoir System receives water from 7 distributaries of the Vaippar. These streams originate in the eastern slopes of Western ghats.


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