Viluppuram Senji Fort

Fortification Walls

The massive fortification walls of Gingee interconnect the three inaccessible hills Krishnagiri Chandragiri, and Rajagiri. The Rajagiri citadel is the highest about 800 ft. in height and the most inaccessible. The 20 meters deep chasm is now connected by a bridge.

Barracks and Stables

A series of low vaulted and arched cells on the western side of the Kalyana Mahal are referred to as the barracks and stables. The Archeological conservation training camp is located here. Anaikulam Located on the south (If the Barracks, the Anaikulam (Elephant Tank) is a fine tank built of stone with cloistered mandapa surrounding it.

Granary/ Gymnasium

This is the largest granary built in stone with a spacious entrance passage. The walls are nearly 3 meters thick. The stucco decora lions outside are typical of the Vijayanagar period. A stone structure with barrel vaulted roof, found on the north-eastern side of the granary, is said to he the Gymnasium.

Sad-At-Ullah Khan Mosque

This mosque was erected by Sad-AtUllah Khan to commemorate his victory over Desingh and the capture of the tort. According to a Persian inscription found here, the mosque is said to have been constructed in 1717 to 1718 AD.

Venkataramana Temple

This sprawling temple, with its striking pillars, with carved sculptures narrates the aesthetic skills of the Nayaks. Many Tamil inscriptions are also found in the walls of the Mandapas.

Venugopalaswami Temple

Located to the west of the liner gate of the lower citadel, this temple Contains a remarkable sculpture depicting Lord Krishna playing on the flute with consorts on his tow. A finely polished, broad and smooth slab found in front of the temple is another striking feature.

Kamalakanni Amman Temple

This temple contains a sacrificial altar and well preserved mural paintings belonging to the Nayak period.

Citadel on Rajagiri Hill

On top of the Rajagiri hill, an Audience hall built in typical Indo Islamic style is a domed roof supported by a series of graceful little pointed arches. The magazine building is also a noteworthy structure. The Ranganath temple is built in typical Vijayanagar style. A big iron cannon, 4 meters long and 2 meters circumference can he seen here.


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