Vellore Fort

The fortification of the flirt consists of a main rampart broken at irregular intervals by round towers and rectangular projections. The walls are constructed with hewn Kangaroo stones of rectangular shape. This is evidently the work of European engineers at a later period of fort’s history. The narrow wall running round the fort can he reached by a flight of steps at the entrance of the fort.

The main walls are built so strong with stones cut and filled together without mortar. In some places, wide ramps, raised within the fort the wall walk has been constructed on the outer wail. On the southern side there is a raised bastion on which the flag staff stands and there are two small round towers raised on the main works at the south east and north east angles.

The old entrance was by a wading roadway with massive gates and protected by a drawbridge which was altered in the eighteenth century and adopted for defense by artillery. On the southern side there is also a postern which crosses the ditch at a low level provided with steps on its end. On its construction it was constructed for greater defensive purposes and it was built and made fairly wide and deep.

The circumference of the moat is about 8000 feet at a length and depth of 190 feet and 20 feet respectively. The temple awl the fort were brought under the control of’ A.S.I. in 1921. The out of the fort is about 2500 feet and 1500 feet in breath. The height of’ the outer wall is about 30 feet and the breath is about 25 feet.



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