Tirunelveli Tourism

Athankarai Pallivasal

46 km. from Tirunelveli. There are two domes, one for Syed Ali Fathima and tile other for Sheik Mohammed. They are considered as holy sufi saints. All religious people visit this Muslim shrine and get everything what they want.

Kappal Matha Church

Uvari 72 Km from Tirunelveli. A small church for St. Mary which was under the control of pastors of Goa mission existed here. In course of time, in 1903, this church was converted into a school. On important occasions as per the wishes of the people, festivals were con ducted and prayers were offered to her. There was a custom among the young maidens to go to the nunnery in the night and sleep there. On one such occasion they saw a bright light surrounding this Selvamatha statue even though nobody lit a candle. Many people of Uvuri witnessed this light which was there for over an hour.

Pottalpudur Dargha

The centre of attraction of this place is the oldest dargha built around the year 1674. This dargha attracts not only the Muslims hut Hindus and Christians also in equal numbers. I his has been built adopting Hindu temple pattern. If the prayers of the pilgrims are answered, they pay their offerings, through the dargha in large numbers during Kanthuri festival with great reverence. In this dargha where the lebbais act as priest, customs almost similar to that of Hindus arc followed in the rituals. Here holy ashes obtained from tamarind bark. Ghee, and flowers cal led nerchai are distributed to the devotees. Ph : 04634-240566

Trinity Cathedral

2 km from Tirunelveli. The location of the place now called as Murugankurichi. There is an elegant and beautiful church here, built in 1826 by Revered Rhenius. This church is a landmark in Tirunelveli.

Veerar’ Pulithevan Memorial

Born in 1715. His was the first war cry against the British He refused to pay tax to the British as it was more of protection money’. This hurt his self respect and in 1755 he was the first to herald the freedom movement defying the demand of Col Aron. He waged a war against the Britishers and defeated them. However, while offering prayers at Sankara Nainar Koil Britishers laid a cunning trap to capture him. But he dis-appeared into the cave there and never returned. His memorial is situated in Nelkattum Seval at Sivagiri Taluk.

V.O.C. Mani Mandapam OR V.0.Chitambaram

The Towering personality of Freedom movement of Tamil Nadu who pulled cooking oil extractor (Chekku) in Coimbatore Jail. where he was imprisoned lot lighting against British imperialism. V.O.C. also started Navigation Company against British. He was not only a patriot hut a labor union leader also. Once the workers of Harvey mill going on strike, they were starving. At that time VOC sell his land, and provide loud to all the workers and thus continuing the strike. His colleagues are Mahakavi Bharathi and Subramania SIVA. V.O.C. Born at Ottapidaram now in Tutucorin District. Before that the village came under Tirunelveli District. So the Tamil Nadu Government Built a Manimandapam and opened by the chief Minister of Tamil nadu at Tirunelvel. Situated at the lower side of Trade fair Ground. The Total area of the Manimandapam is 41.37 cent. And coast goes up to 75 Lakhs. The P.W.D extended the Job. At the center of the mandapam there is a meditation hall. In this hall 6.5 feet height V.O.C Statue is installed, it is a Bronze Statue. There is also a model oil extractor in stone, which remind the V.O.C’s Sacrifices for National liberation task. At the entrance of the mandapam. Two ship shapes are installed which remind V.O.C’s dynamic approach against British. The mandapam is not only the memorial of patriotism but it is tourist spot also.

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