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Birds Sanctuary at Koonthankulam

38 km from Tirunelveli. A small village in the far south, Koonthankulam in Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli District is emerging as a new favorite of the migratory birds. It may soon be catapulted into the list of popular water bird sanctuaries in the country. This village is sparsely populated. Migratory birds start coming by December end and fly away to their northern homes by June or July after they lay eggs, hatch them and the young ones grow old enough to fly with the older ones. About 35 species of birds visit this calm hut congenial village for breeding.


Courtallam 59 km from Tirunelveli. The “spa of the south”, is situated at an elevation of about 167 meters on the Western Ghats, Season starts in the month of July and ends in September. There are nine falls viz. Main falls. Chitraruvi, Shenbagadevi falls, Honey tails, Five falls, Tiger falls, Old falls, Fruit Farm falls, New falls. The falls water of Courtallam has medicinal properties as they run through forests and herbs before their descent and hence have soothing effect. Buses and rental vans are available in plenty.

District Science Centre

The District Science Centre is a unique institution situated on the banks of Tamiraparani. Popularizing Science, calculating the spirit of enquiry, fostering creative talents and infusing scientific temper in life, are its objectives. This autonomous body is a unit of the National Council of Science Museums, attached to the Department (HRD) Government of India. This is one among the 124 centers in the country. The centre has permanent galleries on ocean; a semi permanent gallery on popular science and a six acre science park where numerous exhibits help create awareness of scientific lie development among the people. In addition to the above facilities the District Science Centre is also organizing the following programmes Mobile Science Exhibition, Planetarium. Film Show, Temporary Exhibitions, Science Drama and Science Fair.

Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary 47 Km from Tirunelveli. This is a “Project Tiger” Reserve. The flora ranges from forests of tropical wet evergreen to tropical dry deciduous and thorn forest. Lion-tailed Macaque and common Langur are plenty. Trekking is allowed with the prior permission from the officials of Forest (wild life) Department. Accommodation is available at Forest Rest House at Sengaltheri with catering facilities. Season - September to March.

Manjolai - Hill Station Manjolai

Manjolai - Hill Station Manjolai is 57 km away from Tirunelveli and is at an elevation of 1162 sq. meter. There are ninny tea plantations in and around this place. Bombay Burma Tea estate is famous one in this area. About 4000 people work in these tea plantations.

Manimuthar Dam

Manimuthar Dam 47 Km from Tirunelveli. Gorgeous garden of Dam, pleasure boating. Water falls is 5 Km from dam through Zig Zag Ghat road. Manjolai Tea Estate having salubrious climate can he visited is 10 km from dam. Rest house is available in the dam.


Mundanthurai 56 km from Tirunelveli Situated in the Tirunelveli District, this 567 Sq. km sanctuary boasts of dry deciduous to tropical wet evergreen forests with patches of pre reeds. Animal wealth includes Tiger. Bonnet macaque, Langurs, Glender Loris, Sloth Bear, Sembhar, chital, Wild Dog. Trekking trails are here. Trek with prior permission from the Forest (wildlife) Department. Accommodation available are Forest Rest Honse at Mundanthurai with catering facilities and PWD Rest House at Ambasamudram. Ph : 04634 250594.


2 km from Tirunelveli. It is a multi purpose museum located on Tirunelveli Thiruvananthapuram Road (NH7) at Palayamkottai. All kinds of Archaeological remaining can be seen. Entrance free. Museum Open 8.30 am to 5.30 p.m.


Papanasam 42 km from Tirunelveli This holy place is on the western ghats of’ Pothigai Hill. It is close to the Papanasam Falls, on the banks of the Thamiraparani River where Siva and Parvathi appeared before the great saint Agasthiya. Hence the falls is popularly called the “Agasthiya Falls”. To commemorate the visit of’ the divine couple, the Agasthiya temple was built there. Papanasam Dam is located 49 km away from Tirunelveli. This is a beautiful picnic spot.

Kumbarutti Falls

Kumbarutti Falls 80 Km from Tirunelveli, 20 km from Courtalam via Parpozhi beautiful falls located at western glints along with natural swimming pool (Thadagam) 3 km before Achan Kovil.


At the foot of the Mahendragiri hills on the western ghats and on the banks of the river Nambiyaru lies the large and prosperous village of Tirukkurungudi. In the Varaha Purana the Lord speaks of his sojourn in this holy village. Thus this place derives its name Kurungudi the smaller abode of Narayana.

Vallanadu Black Buck Sancturay

A Scrub forest area spread over to 16.41 Square km, situated near Tuticorin, Blackbuck, spotted deer, Macaques, Jungle cat, Mangoose and hares are found plenty. This sanctuary can he visited through out the year. The District Forest, Tirunelveli Division, Kokirakulam, Tirunelveli 627009.


Vallanadu 18 Km. from Tirunelveli. A small hillock of Vallanadu has numerous populations of spotted deer. This place always normal cool climate because surrounding there is lot of trees arid Plan are situated naturally. It is declared as Deer Sanctuary by Forest Department. Police Shooting Station (Arms Firing Training) here is one of the best in India.

Thiruvalluvar Two Tiger Bridge

The two tiger over bridge, namely Thiruvalluvar Bridge at Tirunelveli. Junction was constructed to avoid the railway line crossing. The total length of bridge is 800 meters. This type of two Tier Bridge constructed in Tirunelveli is the first of its kind in India. This bridge was opened for traffic in 1972. This two tier over bridge consists of 25 spans of which 13 are of bow string arch, each with a width of 30.30 meters and 12 are single tier R.C.C girder each having a width of 11.72 meters.


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