Thoothukudi Tour


From an Archaeological point of view, this place has a glorious past and it is located on the banks of river Tamirabarani. It is assumed that, in ancient times, a civilized habitation flourished here. Some monuments i.e., Urns (burnt-clay vessels which were used for burying the dead bodies of the very old people), small mud vessels were found near the river Tamirabarani and they are supportive evidences for the civilization. This place is now under the supervision of Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department.

Bharathiar Math Mandapam

In memory of the National poet Subramania Bharathiar a memorial was built by Kalki Krishna Moorthy in 1945 and Mahatma Gandhi showered his blessings on the occasion of its opening. In 1981 the centenary year of Bharathiar was celebrated. This was taken over by the Public Relations Department on 11-12-1981. Located at Ettaiyapuram.


34 km from Thoothukudi. This is the birth place of Mahakavi Bharathiyar. A Memorial for Umarupulavar Dhansha is also located here. During the reign of Pandyas at Madurai people from Chandragiri near Chittoor of Andhra Pradesh were brought and posted as “watch keepers (Dhisai Kavalars) of Ilasanadu. This was later called Ettayapuram. Ettayapuram was formed in 1565.

Kattabomman Memorial Fort

This was built in 1974. The visitors can see this during day time 8 am, to 1 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Family goddess Jackammal is located nearby. The snap shot is of the 5th generation heir of Veerapandya Kattabomman temple. His name is Vee. Veemaraja alias Jegaveera Pandya Subbramania Kattabomma Durai. Bommu means the god Sastha Ayyanam Swamy. The earliest freedom struggle against the Britishers was by Kattabomman and his clan. They were charged for treason and were sentenced to death and hanged. The entrance fee for the visitors is 50 paisa for children and Rs.l/- for adults. Location at Panchalankurichi. Ph : 04632-2366149.


This small town is 24 km from Tirunelveli on NH7 Madurai road. Veerapandiaya Kattabomman who raised voice against British was hanged at a tamarind tree here on 16-10-1799. Now this place is preserved as monument.

Ayyanar Sunai

Ayyanar Sunai It is 10 Km from Tiruchendur. A natural water spring in the desert with Ayyanar temple attracts local tourists.


Kazhugumalai It was one of the important centers of the Jams. The has-relief found here is the contribution of Jams and are among the earliest of such works. The Vettuvan Koil (Siva Temple) the rock-cut cave temple is worth visiting.


The Muthuraman temple 20 km horn Tiruchendur is known for the popular ‘Dasara’ festival where folk dance artists I urn all over the state participate in the festival. It is a coastal village with a fine beach.

Korkai Port

Korkai Port 29 Km from Tiruchendur. Korkai, the ancient Port City (12th Centaury) of the Pandya Kings of the .Sangam period, now identified with the village Korkai (Srivaikundam taluk of Thoothukudi Dt.) has attracted the attention of scholars, historians and archaeologists for more than a century. Although Korkai is recognized as an ancient Port City, it’s precise location is still a point of conjecture. Korkai is now a remote village. An attempt is made now to locate the port based on field exploration, folk beliefs, and coastal geology and geomorphology.


Manapadu 18 km. from Tiruchendur. It is on the sea-shore at the Bay of Bengal. An ancient Roman Catholic Church is here where the Cross is said to have been brought from Jerusalem, This Church is also associated with St. Xavier, the famous missionary from West. Since there are other small Churches here in this place, it is called as “Chinna Jerusalem” (Small Jerusalem).

Ottapidaram / V.0. Chidambaranar illam

Ottapidaram continues to be a Tourism centre for Freedom fighters, since it is the birth place of the great patriot V.O.Chidambaranar. His house has been converted into a memorial and is preserved by the government from 12-12-1961. His statue, life history and photo galleries are displayed in his memorial. It is 167.12 sqm. Situated at 2/119, V.O.C. Street, Ottapidaram.


Panchalankurichi 18 km from Tuticorin. From here the great warrior “Veerapandiya Kattabomman” raised his voice against the British regime in the 17th Century A.D. The fort was converted as a memorial by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu in 1974. Sri Devi Jakkammal Temple, the hereditary Goddess of Kattabomman, is located near the fort. The cemetery of British soldiers are seen near the fort. Within the memorial Hal!, there arc beautiful paintings on the walls depicting the heroic deeds of the saga.


Thiruchendur It is 40 km from Thoothukudi. Tiruchendur is very popular for the seashore temple of Lord, Subramanya temple tower and the sculptures of the temple are worth seeing. It is also ideal for see bathing. The temple is one among the six abodes of Lord Subramanya. That victory is still celebrated by the pilgrims here during the Tamil Month ‘Aippasi’ as festival.


Srivaikundam (30 km) Name of the presiding deity is Kannapiran.


This Divya Desam is located at about 2 Km. From Srivaikundam and 1 Km from Natham. The 3 Thirupathis are situated on Srivaikuntam - Thoothukudi bus toute. Presiding deity is Kasinavenda Perumal.

Vanchi Maniyachi

The original name of the place was Maniyachi which has been renamed as “Vanchi Maniyachi” in memory of the brave freedom fighter Vanchi Nathan, who shot dead the then British Collector of Tirunelveli here.


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