Thanjavur Tourism

Thanjavur rose to Glory during the later Chola Reign between 11th and 14th Centuries AD and became the centre of learning and culture. It is the head quarters of the district of the same name Thanjavur. Known as the ‘Rice Bowl’ of tamilnadu. It is also known for its exquisite handicrafts.

Thanjavur is one of the thirteen coastal districts of Tamil Nadu in the production of sea fish which accounts for about 5% of the total catches of the State. The district is famous for its exquisite ancient handicrafts-making of bronze icons. Thanjavur art plates. hell-metal castings, howls, napkin and powder boxes and artistic in-laying and engraving Work of motifs well known as Tanjore Paintings. It is equally well- known for pith-work. Ornamental fans, mats, and making of musical instruments of jack-wood. It is also a flourishing center of handloom silk and cotton sarees.

Mahamaham Festival

Purnima of full moon day is auspicious for bathing in the Punya theerthas (holy rivers/tank), the Magha Purnima is considered as the most sacred of all, The Masi Maghani festival is celebrated every year on this day. The twelve yearly Masi Magam is called the Mahamaham, The Mahamaham festival is celebrated once in twelve years and attracts pilgrims from all over India on the full moon day of the eleventh solar month Magha.


The eight-storey victory tower here was built by the Maratha King Serfoji in the ear 1814 to commemorate the victory of the British over Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo.

Saraswathi Mahal Library

This library has one of the most important oriental manuscripts collections, in India. Established around 1700 AD. The library contains a collection of over 44,000 manuscripts in palm leaves and paper, and more than 4,500 foreign books which bear the scholar king’s autographs. Over eighty percent of its manuscripts are in Sanskrit, many on palm leases, some very rare or even unique.

Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram Mani Maudapam

He was born on 13-04-1930.Kavingar Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram wrote poems depicting weaker peoples aspirations. He was involved in the farmers struggles and worked for their upliftment. He was also a member of the Communist Party of India and worked tirelessly for its ideals. He tested his hands in as many as 17 different professions like, agriculture, drama, salt work, art fields etc.

Thanjavur Paintings

Thanjavur is famous for a special style of decorating the paintings which were done both on glass and board. In both types, the figures and the background are richly embellished with gold leaf and gems as ornaments. The relief work on board is achieved by applying gesso, a mixture of gypsum or plaster of Paris and glue. Krishna in various poses has been the main theme, but there are also various paintings in temples, of all the other Gods and Saints.

Thanjavur Palace

The Palace, on the East main street is a series of large and rambling buildings of fine masonry, built partly by the Nayaks (1532- 1675 AD) and partly by the Marathas (1676-1855 AD) The entrance is by way of a large quandrangular courtyard. The encircling walls are pierced by big gateways to the North and East. The courtyard leads to a many-pillared hall. A small inner courtyard gives access to a large one.

Thanjavur Information
Thanjavur Area 3,397
Thanjavur Population 22,16,138 (Census 2001)
Thanjavur Rainfall 1008.8 mm (Annual)
Thanjavur Climate Max 36°C Min 22.8°C
Thanjavur Std Code 04362
Thanjavur Hospital 04362-231221
Thanjavur Bus Enquery 04362-230950
Thanjavur to Chennai 334 km

Thanjavur Photos
Thanjavur painting Thanjavur big temple
Thanjavur Painting
Thanjavur Pariya Koil
Thanjavur nandhi Thanjavur garden
Thanjavur Nandhi
Thanjavur Garden


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