Yercaud Tourism

Yercaud is one of the important Hill station in Tamil Nadu, India. It attracts large number of tourist all over the world. Yercaud is also called us Poor Man's Ooty.

Anna Park

Anna park is a garden near the lake. A park for children with a few slides for the kiddies to play around is just next door to Anna Park.

Bear’s Cave

It is situated near the North ern Bungalow on the way to Servarayan temple. A huge cave formation beside a fantastic bungalow that was supposed to play home for the bears. It is an important tourist spot worth the visit. This is also private property and since the owner has the kind ness to keep it open for tourists, you have to do a good turn by keeping the place clean and not destroying plants.

Big Lake

The first thing that strikes your eye when you are in Yercaud is the Big Lake. The main attraction of Yercaud is the cool lake surrounded by greenery all around. It is the biggest lake of the hill station.

Botanical Garden

Home to thousands of green scientific species beside strange plants like pitcher plant that a person from the plains is sure dying to see and learn about. It has a green house and an orchidarium. Yercaud is also the home to the famous ‘Kurinji’ flower. The specialty of this flower is that the lie blooms once in twelve years.

Boat House

The cool and pleasant climate attracts tourists throughout the year. Boating in the Yercaud Lake is enchanting and refreshing. The Anna park nearby is a good picnic spot. Another place of interest is the “Lady’s seat”. Ii provides a breath taking view of the winding Ghat roads.


The castle like building was built by the then Collector of Salem, M.D.Cockburn who first introduced coffee from Arabia and Apples and other fruits from South Africa between 1820 A.D. and 1829 AD.

Lady’s Seat

One of the best views that yercaud promises. You get a panoramic view of the ghats and all the distance vehicles dwindling their way in and out of trees along the winding ghat road. You can have a closer view of the plains below with the help of the telescope mounted at the Lady’s Seat.

Pagoda Point

Pagoda point or Pyramid Point named after the ancient pyramidal cairns were found here. Around the ridges of the crest are four cairns stones resembling temple towers (Pagodas) In the centre of the open space is a shrine dedicated to two anionic stones held sacred by the local Malaiyalis.

Shevaroyan Hill

This is the third highest range in this part with a modern cave temple at its top. The hill top is bald with a real open view of all the hills around; it presents another angle of the distant town. The adjacent hill is gradually chopped (minde) off daily as it is a very rich source of Bauxite.

The Mont ford School

The Mont ford School and the Sacred Heart Convent are the two famous educational institutions at Yercaud imparting education to boys and girls respectively. The Montford school is named after the founder Saint Louis Merie Grigmun de Montford. A fair number of students came from foreign countries. Ph : 0428 1-222228.

The Retreat

Started in 1945 by the Brothers of Don Bosco. This institution serves as a Novitiate House where students of the religious order stay and study.

The Servarayan Kaveri Amman Temple

A Malaiyalai tribal temple dedicated to Lord Servarayan also known as Ramaswamy. It is located in a narrow and dark cave on the tallest peak (5,342) on the Servarayan mountain. The annual festival held in May is very popular and attracts thousands of Malayali pilgrims. The mouth of the cave is built up like a Hindu shrine. The God Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri representing the Servarai Hills and Kaveri River respectively are seated in the temple.

Mariamman Festival

This festival is every year July to August. In this festival, celebrating with cultural program called ‘vandi vedikkai’ and other spiritual programs.
Maha Sivarathri at Suganeswarar Temple.

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