Salem Tour

Jama Masjid

The oldest mosque in Salem, situated on the southern bank of the Thirumanimuthu Aru in the heart of the city. It was reportedly built by the Mysore ruler, Tippu Sulthan, who is said to have offered prayers here. The Masjid Inam granted to this mosque was confirmed by the British in 1862. By a special resolution in 1880. Ph : 0427-2267227

Kailasanathar Kovil (Tharamangalam)

30 Km from Salem. A Siva temple, perhaps the most beautiful of its kind in Salem District. Parts of it existed as early as the tenth century: as it stands now, it is the product of the Gatti Mudhali dynasty of the seventeenth century. Reconstruction and collaboration of the old temple was begun by Mummudi, continued by Siyazhi, and was brought near completion by Vanangamudi. This West facing temple is enclosed by a massive stone wall measuring 306’ by 164’ reportedly built in the thirteenth century. The main entrance tower (5 store’s 90’high) is conceived as a chariot on wheels, drawn by elephants and horses. Twice a year, during August-September and February - March for three days in succession, the rays of the evening, sun shine through the entrance tower, the portico, and enters the sanctum sanctorum and falls on the deity, an anionic stone. The consort of Kailasanathar is Sivakami.

Lingam (108) Temple

This temple is under the control of a private department of the Vinaya Mission. This temple contains 108 Lingam with 108 Nandi in the ‘mulasthanam’. This temple is located in Ariyanoor.

Mettur Dam

One of the largest of its kind in the world. It was completed in 1934. The total length of the dam is 1700 meters. The Mettur Hydro Electrical power project is also quite large. The dam, the park, the major Hydro Electric power stations and hills on all sides make Mettur a good tourist attraction. Ph : 04298-242200


The museum contains exhibits ranging from variety of divisions viz, a) Archeology, b) Anthropology, c) Zoology, d) Botany, e) Paintings f) Philatelic, g) woods, h) carving i) Bronzes. This museum located near the Salem fort opposite to Corporation.

Poiman Karadu

Poiman Karadu, is situated on the Salem-Namakkal National Highway. Seen from the plains to the east of the hill from a particular spot, the likeness of a deer with two horns is visible in a cave between rocks on the hill. The mysterious vision disappears when one gets, nearer hence the name Poiman Karadu.

Kottai Marimamman Temple

This temple is one of the very oldest pilgrim in the Salem district. In every July-August Mariamman festival is very famous. This temple is located in heart of the city.

Sankakiri Fort

The Sankakiri Fort is one of the important historic places in Salem District. This fort has been constructed on the hill of Sankakiri. This fort has ten compound walls having individual name for that. Inside of this fort, there are 6 platforms and 5 Temples, 2 Mosques The Weapons Pistol and Jewels used by the emperor Tipu Sultan, Theeran Chinnamalai were found there. On the way to Sankakiri Fort we can see one Christian Church in the name of St. Antony.

Suiganeswarar Temple

This one of the famous and big temple is Salem. Many more historical monuments and sculptures are inside the temple. When maha sivarathri, hundreds of devotees are worshiping in this temple.

Muniappan (Or) Aiyanar Temple

Muniappan ( or) Aiyanar Statue is ,situated near the Dam park near the river.

Uthumalai Uthumalai

Uthumalai Uthumalai is situated 6 Km from Salem. Viewing Salem from his point is pleasant memory.


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