Ramanathapuram Tour


The southernmost tip of the island is called Dhanushkodi. It was completely washed away by a cyclone in 1964. But the Kothandaramasamy Temple here remains intact. It is 18 Km away from Rameswaram and can be reached by road. A popular belief is that, it is where Vibishana a brother of Ravana surrendered before Rama. Dhanushkodi has a One beach, where Sea surfing is possible.


The tomb of Sultan Ibrahim Syed Aulia, who came from Arabia via Cannanore is about 800 years old. Pilgrims from far off countries like Srilanka, Malaysia and Singapore are visiting this tomb. Santhanakoodu Festival is celebrated in February-March attracts thousands of pilgrims.

Kurusadai Island

This Island lies to the west of the Pamban Bridge between the mainland and the island. It is a Marine Biosphere, a paradise for the Marine Biologists and nature lovers. Marine wealth are abound here which attract many a scholars and researchers to this Island. It is about 4 km from Mandapam. One should approach fisheries department for permission to visit this island. Off Kurusadai Island one could see plenty of coral-reef, fish. Dolphins and sea-cows (Dugong) arc also often witnessed.

Mandapam & Pamban

Lying on the Ramanathapuram Rameswaram National Highway and just 19 km before Rameswaram lies this sleepy coastal village of Mandapam . Prior to the 1914 train service linking the mainland with Rameswaram, boats were the only mode of transport to ship the pilgrims on their journey to Rameswaram. It is possible to take a boat for a cruise through the mangrove marshes to Kurusadai Island.


Oriyur is one of the most revered pilgrim centers for Christians the world over as it is home to the martyrdom of St. John De Britto, a Portugese Jesuit better known as ‘Arul Anandar’. It was in this place that the saint was beheaded in 1693 and the sand dune is said to have turned red, believed to be stained by the blood of the saint. Here, one can see a magnificent shrine with its Portugese facade that contains a captivating statue of Arul Anandar offering his neck in humble submission to the executioner.


An ancient town, and now the head quarters of the district. It was from here the Sethupathis (Chieftains) ruled this territory. Ramalingavilasam Palace with good painting and Tomb of Thayumana swamigal, are the places worth visiting. A Museum is functioning here.


A place of Puranic importance, Sethu karai (meaning the Sethu Coast ) is an important pilgrim centre having religious significance owing to the belief that Lord Ram is said to have constructed a bridge from here over the sea waters to reach Sri Lanka . It is a hallowed place for Hindus as they conduct their religious rites in this place and is situated around 68 kilometers from Rameswaram and is near Erwadi Dharga.


A sea side village with a verdent beach and natural scenery. The sea here is very calm.


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