Ramanathapuram Entertainment

Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge (Pamban bridge)

The 2.2 km. length bridge connecting the Rameswaram Island and the mainland is the longest bridge in India constructed over a bay. It is also called as Pamban Bridge. Similarly the railway bridge connecting the island is noted for its unique opening to pass the ships through the sea.

Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve

Gulf Gulf of Mannar is the first Marine Biosphere Reserve not only in India, hut also in South and Southeast Asia. The IUCN Commission on National Parks and WWF, identified the Re serve as being an area of” “Particulars concern” given its diversity and special multiple-use management status. In addition, as the first marine biosphere reserve declared in India, this area has long been a national priority. The Gulf of Mannar and its 3,600 Species of flora and fauna is one of the biologically richest coastal regions in all of mainland of India.

Kanjirankulam & Chitrangudi Birds Sancturay

The Kanjirankulam and Chitrangudi birds sanctuary are the natural habitat of winter migratory birds and provide safe place for roosting, breeding and feeding for birds with considerable diversity in nesting and feeding behavior. Also many species of birds visit coastal areas of Ramanathapuram, which are attracted towards these in-land and wetlands. Season: November to March. Contact Officer The Wildlife Warden, Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, Ramanathapurarn - 623 503.

Sea World Aquarium

Just opposite the Rameswaram Bus Stand, one can catch a quick glimpse of an assortment of underwater creatures in their near natural habitat in the ‘Sea World Aquarium’ the only one of its kind in the state, and probably in the country too, filled with such varied marine life forms including exotic species such as Octopus, Snake fish, Parrot fish, Sea lizard, Sea squid, Cow fish, Lion fish, Rabbit fish, Fire fish, Butter fish, Clown fish, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, Sea Lotus, Beach Tamet, Star Fishes,Sea Horses and Sharks. This is quite an eye-opener for young tourists & kids and lovers of marine life. Ph 04573-222811.


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