Pudukkottai Tourism

Pudukkottai town is the headquarters of the district. Once a princely State, the area, which comprises the district, is of absorbing interest to historians, anthropologists, archaeologists and lovers of art. The numerous dolmens, stone circles and other forms of megalithic burials in the district indicated the antiquity of this region dating back to pre-historic and proto historical times. This tract is mentioned in the Sangam classics. The archaeological and cultural remains at kodumbalur, Narthamalai, Kudumianmalai, Kunnandarkoil, Sittannavasal, Thirumayam and Avudaiyarkoil are proofs of its rich cultural heritage.


40 km. from Pudukkottai. The Athmanathaswami temple situated here contains graceful life-size sculptures which are of absorbing interest. The car of this temple is renowned for its wood carvings. The temple is noted for zephyr (granite roof) work.


28 km. from Pudukkottai. The old chapel here was constructed in 1547 AD. by Fr, John Venantius Bouchet and the new Roman Catholic Church was constructed in 1747 A.D. Tamil Scholar Rev. Father Joseph Beschi (Veerama Munivar) also served in this Church.

Government Museum

Situated at Thirrukokarnam, the museum is at a distance of 5 km. from Pudukkottai railway Station. The wide range of collections in the Sections of Geology. Zoology, Paintings. Anthropology, Epigraphy, Historical records, etc. are very interesting.


Manamelkudi is a village Panchayat in Avudaiyarkoil Taluk of Pudukkottai District with a population of 10072 as per 1991 census. It extended over an area of 1135.24 hector.


Also known as Moovarkoil, it is 36 km. from Pudukkottai and 42 km from Tiruchirapalli. It was formerly the seat of Irukkuvelirs, who were related to the Cholas. Of the three shrines of Moovarkoil only two exist now. These temples were built by Boodhi Vikramakesari in the 10th Century A.D. The architecture of the temple is unique among south Indian temples.


The second largest town in Pudukkottai district after the headquarters. Aranthangi was the most populous locality in the south of the Thanjavur district till it was added to Pudukkottai.


The Siva temple here has some interesting inscriptions as well as beautiful sculptures. One of the inscriptions deals with the musical treatise of Mahendravarman Pallava and his experimentation with an eight-stringed instrument called Parivadini.


It is a place of historical importance and the headquarters of the Mutharaiyar Chieftains. The earliest structural stone temple, circular in shape, built by the Mutharaiyars and the Vijayalaya Choleeswaram Cave temple built by Vijayalaya Chola, the first king of the later Cholas and Kadambarmalai temple of the place are also worth visiting. It is 17 km form Pudukkottai.


In this village are the remains of a 2nd century B.C. Jam cave temple. Fresco paintings reminiscent of Ajanta adorn the walls. Many of them are typical of the 9th century Pandyan period and include exquisitely detailed pictures of animals, fish, ducks, people gathering lotuses from a pond and two dancing figures. There are also inscriptions dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries. Fresco paintings from the 7th century can he seen on the ceiling of Ardhamandapam. There are many pre-historic burial sites around Sittannavasal and among the relics unearthed are burial urns, cists and Kungupatarai.


Thirumayam 19 km. from Pudukkottai. The Fort, the Siva and Vishnu temples are the tourist attractions here. The Fort played an important role in the history of Tondaiman rulers of Pudukkottai and the British. The erection of this 40 acre-wide Fort in 1687 A.D. is attributed to Sethupathi VijayaRagunatha Thevar, the Sethupathi of Ramanathapuram. On the hill there is a Rock Cut Siva temple with Music inscription and the relics of a Fort. At the foot of the hill also Vishnu and Siva Shrines are found.


The temple of Lord Subramanya at this place is on a hillock and is said to exist before 15th Century A.D. There is a peacock sanctuary.

Pudukkottai Area 4,651 sq. km
Pudukkottai Population 14,59,601 (Census 2001)
Pudukkottai Rainfall 926.2 mm (Annual)
Pudukkottai Climate Max: 38.7°C Min: 29.6°C


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