Kanchipuram Tourism

Kanchipuram is known as one of India’s Seven Sacred cities. Kanchipuram was the historical capital of the Pallavas. It was under the Pallavas from 6th to 8th Century A.D. and later become the citadel of the Cholas, Vijayanagar Kings, the Muslims and the British. It has been a centre of Tamil learning and culture and religious background for centuries. Kanchi is also a well known centre of the finest silk sarees made in the country. Kanchi has magnificent temples of unique architectural beauty bearing eloquent testimony to its glorious Dravidian heritage. Adi Sankaracharya established his episcopal Seat (Kamakotipeetam). Kanchipuram is the birth place of C,N, Annadurai former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.


It is one of the major Water Bird - Sanctuaries in India. It is situated at a distance of 48 Km from Kanchipuram. Storks, Egrets, Cormorants, Darter, Flamingos are some the birds which arrive here during season (October - March). Along the lake bund there is a 24’ high observation commanding the panoramic view of the sanctuary.

Muttukkadu Boat House

Wind Surfing, Canoe, Kayak, Pedal Boat, Row Boat etc., are available for the public. It is located at a distance of 80 Km from Kanchipuram. A Good Place to get away for a day.

Arignar Anna Illam

His house has a total area of 273.78 sq km. and it was converted into a memorial place on 16-09-1980. His statue, life history and photos are displayed here. Located at 54. C.N.A. Street, Chinna Kancheepuram.

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial

On the way to Kanchipuram lies Sriperumbuthur, the birth place of Saint Ramanujar - a “vaishnavite” philosopher. He is also the founder of Vishisdadhvaidham The former Prime Minister of India 1984-1989, Born on 20th August, 1944 in Mumbai. Champion of secularism beacon of our youth.

St. Thomas Mount St.

Mount is a small hillock situated south of Chennai, where St. Thomas - the Apostle of Jesus, preached Christianity. He himself carved a ‘Stone-Cross’ everyday St. Thomas used this stone-cross for his prayer. One day when he was in prayer with the cross, the killers commanded by king Raja Mahadeva knifed him on the hack. But St. Thomas continued his prayer up to his death. His blood, bleeding on the stone cross. For several centuries the stains of his blood could not be remove from the stone-cross.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park (Vandalore Zoo)

It is situated 35 km from Chennai. Large moat type enclosures permit animals to move freely in a simulated natural environment. Nocturnal Animals, Pre-historical Animal Sector, Aviary and Reptilium are some of the attractions. The Lion safari park is the pride of this park. Battery operated vehicles are available for rides through the park. Holiday: Tuesday.

Kamakshi Amman Temple

Built in the 14th century by the Cholas, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi the presiding deity of Kanchi. Here, the goddess is worshipped in the form of a Chakra placed in front of the idol. An image of Shankaracharya is also worshipped.

Mahabalipuram Mahisasuramardhini Cave

The Mahisasuramardhini cave, depicting the Goddess fighting a demon on one side, and Lord Vishnu’s cosmic sleep on the other, is a particularly remarkable scooped cave, sure to keep one spell-bound.

Arjuna’s Penance

The world’s largest base relief measuring 27m x 9m is the pride of Mamallapuram. This huge whaleback shaped rock contains figures of gods, demigods, men, beasts and birds and infect, can be said to represent creation itself.

Mahabalipuram Five Rathas

These are five monolithic temples. each created in a different style. They are also known as the Pancha Pandava Rathas. Four of the Rathas are believed to have been scooped out of a single rock formation. They are richly carved with art and wall panels depicting many Hindu divinities and royal portraits.

Kanchipuram Information
Kanchipuram Area 4,433 sq.km
KanchipuramPopulation 28,77,468 (Census 2001)
KanchipuramRainfall 1,159.8 mm (Annual)
KanchipuramClimate Max:36°C Min 19°C
Kanchipuram STD Code 044
Kanchipuram To Chennai 70 km


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