Cuddalore Temples

Lord Pataleeswarar

Thirupathiripuliyur in Cuddalore district is one of the ancient saivite shrines in Tamil nadu sanctified by the visit of two of the four chief nayanmars viz. Trunavukkarasar and Thiruguana Samhandhar. The former part of the name of this sacred place indicates the Sthalaviruksha Pathiri Tree and the latter Puliyur indicates the tiger legged saint who made penance in this place. It is 100 meters from Thirupathiripuliyur Railway Station. It is in the centre of the town. Pidari Amman Temple is situated along with this temple. Ph 04142 236728.


A calm village of the historical coastal town of Cuddalore fall in the group of Nadu Nattu Tirupati among 108 Divya Desams. The temple of the Presiding Deity of this Sthala. Lord Devanatha, is flanked by the inspiring Oushadagiri, a herbal drop on the lap of time from the hands of speeding Anjaneya to the battle field of Lanka and the serpentine holy river Garuda Nadhi.

Pancha Boota Stalangal

The five grand temples enshrining Shiva as a manifestation of the five elements are known as Pancha Boota Stalangal. These are Tiruvannamalai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvaanaikkaval, Sri Kalahasti and Chidambamam.


Srininshnam 60 km from Cuddalore. The Sri buvaraha swami temple here is one of the eight self created Swayam Vyaktakshetras in the South. The Purushaskuta Mandapam here is shaped like a ratham (car) on which there are carvings of warriors mounted on horses and elephants.

Thiruvaudipuram Temple

Lord Venkatachalapathy temple situated at Thiruvandipuram. It is a few km away from Cuddalore. This temple is also well known to be similar to Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy. Every Saturday is a special day for Darshan and peoples come from different places for worship.

The Paucha Sabha Temple

One of the Sabha is located in Chidambararn (Gold). Others are Madurai (Silver) Tirunelveli (Copper). Tiruvalankadu (Ruby) and Coutralam (Pictures) are revered as the five Cosmic Dance Halls of Lord Shiva.


In Tiruppapuliyur, there is an old Sis a temple dedicated to Lord Pataleswarar which is referred to in the Thevarams,. The Brahmotsavam festival in this temple is the largest attended by people from all user the district.

Thillai Kali Temple

The Thillai Kaliamman temple is in the northern corner of the town. It was built by Kapperunjingan who ruled between 1229 AD. and 1278 AD.
Ph : 04144-230251


50 Km from Cuddalore. Near and around this village there are a number of petrified tree trunks also called fossil wood. There is also an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, dating hack to the Chola period.


Vadalur 34 km from Cuddalore, The major tourist attraction here is the Satayagnana Sabha which was constructed by Thiru Ramalingaswamigal, popularly called Adigalar.

Vallular Sri Ramalinga Adigalar (Arutperum Jothi)

Vallular Sri Ramalinga Adigalar (Arutperum Jothi) was born in Vadalur on 5 /10/1823 as 5th son of Sri Ramaiya Pillai & Sinnammaiyar. From 1870, Vallar lived in Siththi Valagam at Metukuppam. On 30/1/1874 (death) he became “Arutperum Jothi’. A unique Prayer hall was built by Vallalar in this place in 1872. Ph 04142-259250.


Vridhachalam 60 km from Cuddalore. This town, on the banks of the river Manimuthar, has an ancient Shiva temple dedicated to Lord Vridhagirishwarar. Masi Magam is the important festival in this place when a large number of pilgrims flock to this place to have bath in the sacred Manimuthar river.

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