Cuddalore Tourism

Cuddalore District is one among the important tourist places in Tamil Nadu with historical monuments, edifices, sacred and ancient temples. The famous ancient temple of Chidambaram is renowned for its sculptures of dances in various Natya poses. The district of Cuddalore lies on the east coast of Bay of Bengal.

Cuddalore Tour


Pitchavaram is 56 Km from Cuddalore. 16 Km from Chidambaram. A unique natural phenomenon in the form of mangrove forests which sprawl over 11000 hectares of backwaters is the tourist attraction here. The numerous channels and creeks are ideal for boating A fishing enthusiast will find a variety of fin and shell fish in these waters Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation provides.


Chidambaram is 47 Km from Cuddalore. Chidambaram is famous for the temple dedicated to Lord Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer (Lord Siva). The Annamalai University located here is a major residential University.

Kattu Mannargudi

Mannargudi is a small town in Chidambaram taluk. It is called Kattu Mannargudi to distinguish it from Raja Mannargudi in Thanjavur district.

Cuddalore Temples

Lord Pataleeswarar

Thirupathiripuliyur in Cuddalore district is one of the ancient saivite shrines in Tamil nadu sanctified by the visit of two of the four chief nayanmars viz. Trunavukkarasar and Thiruguana Samhandhar. The former part of the name of this sacred place indicates the Sthalaviruksha Pathiri Tree and the latter Puliyur indicates the tiger legged saint who made penance in this place.


A calm village of the historical coastal town of Cuddalore fall in the group of Nadu Nattu Tirupati among 108 Divya Desams. The temple of the Presiding Deity of this Sthala.

Pancha Boota Stalangal

The five grand temples enshrining Shiva as a manifestation of the five elements are known as Pancha Boota Stalangal. These are Tiruvannamalai, Kancheepuram, Tiruvaanaikkaval, Sri Kalahasti and Chidambamam.


Srininshnam 60 km from Cuddalore. The Sri buvaraha swami temple here is one of the eight self created Swayam Vyaktakshetras in the South.

Cuddalore Std Code
Cuddalore Area
Cuddalore Population
22,85,395 (census 2001)
Cuddalore Rainfall
1365.9mm (Annual)
Cuddalore Climate
Max 37.7°C Min 20.2°C


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