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Chennai is one of the metro poliant city in India and also capital of Tamil Nadu. The first Grant of damarly Venkatapathy Nayak makes mention of the village of Madraspatnam. Both Venkatapathy and his brother Ayyapa desired that the name Chennapatnam should be given to the new Fort and settlement of the English after their father chennapaNayak. In spite of being the capital of a Tamil speaking state,it has emerged as a Cosmopolitan city playing an important role in the historical, cultural     and     intellectual    development   of India, representing still the distinct components of the highest form of Dravidian civilization. In addition, it holds out an interesting fare of South Indian Architecture, Music, Dance, Drama, Sculpture and other arts and crafts.

Chennai Anna Nagar Tower

This tower is one among the highest and biggest Park Towers in Chennai, which is located at Anna Nagar Park. This tower has a cyclic upstairs. Visitors can see the full view of the City from the top of this tower, Location: Anna Nagar (Near Anna Nagar Rountana), Chennai - 600 040, Entry Fee Rs. 1/- per head. Time: 9 am. to 6 p.m. No Holiday.

Chennai Brila Planetarium

This modern planetarium is housed in a hemispherical theatre. Here a fully computerized projector brings the heavenly bodies to life. The latest astronomical phenomena are brought back to life in simulated environs. The Periyar Science & Technology Centre situated near Gandhi Mandapam in Kotturpuram enables the visiting public to understand scientific and technological inventions through working models. Timings: In English: 10.45 a.m, 1.15 p.m and 3.45 pm, In Tamil: 12 noon & 2.30 p.m. Entry Fee: Adult Rs. 20/- Children’s: Rs. 10/-. Ph : 24410025.

Amir Mahal

This Palace called as Amir Mahal belongs to the Royal family of Arcot of Nawabs. This palace is situated in an area of more or less 14 acres. This Mahal was built in 1789 and came in to possession of the Arcot Royal Family in 1870. Location Pycrofts Road, Triplicane, Chennai - 600 005. Public allowed with permission only. Time : 10 a.m to 6 p.m. No Holiday. Ph : 28485861.

Conneniara Public Library

One of the National Libraries of the country, Connemara Public Library has the largest collection of books and periodicals. A centenary building is being added to this library. A Touch Screen Computer has been installed here recently. Located at Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai- 600 008. Entry Free. National Holidays. Timing: 9.00 a.m. To 7.30 p.m. Ph: 28193751.

Chennai Coovum River

Famous for its Historical background and notorious for its stench Coovum river was formerly known as Triplicane River. This river runs right across Chennai City and have seven bridges built over it. Its confluence takes place on the northern side of Marina Beach.

Chennai Elliots Beach

A serene beach situated south of Chennai is an ideal picnic spot. The Ashtalakshmi temple constructed on the sands of the beach is another attraction, besides the beach itself. This temple houses the eight faces of Goddess Lakshmi in different shrines group in different tiers of a single tower. The Church of our Lady of Health, Madonna, is also situated on the beach to greet people of all faiths.

Chennai Flagmast

The Flag mast in the Fort, which was constructed by the British still stands withstanding the ravages of nature. This is said to be the tallest flag mast in the country. Tile hoisting of the tricolor on this prestigious flag mast is an every day spectacle, which gains special significance on Independence Day. Ph: 25665566

Fort SC. George

Fort St.George, a legacy of the British, is a famous historical monument of Chennai. The fort was constructed in a semicircular structure surrounded by a mast. The Fort covers a vast area, housing the State Legislature, Secretariat, and offices of Archeology and Military regiments. Location : Fort St.George, Chennai - 600 009. Time : 10 am, to 5 p.m. Entry free. Holiday : Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays. Ph : 25665566

Chennai High Court

Built in the Indo-Saracenic architectural style in 1892, this is another land mark of the city. The High Court is said to be the second largest judicial complex in the country. The Madras Law College is also a part of this complex. This is situated close to the Parry’s Corner, Chennai - 600 001. Entry: Free. Holiday: Saturday & Sunday. Time 10 am. To 5 p.m. Ph: 25345892.

Chennai Horticultural Gardens

Sprawling over an area of 22 acres, with rare trees, shrubs, flower beds and bonsais. This garden is situated at the heart of the city, near St. George’s Cathedral on Cathedral Road. Seeds, seedlings and plants are on sale. The annual flower show enthuses hordes of visitors. Located: Cathedral Road. Chennai - 600 086. Entry: free. Time: 1.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. Thursday holiday. Ph: 28111758.

Chennai Kalakshetra

A renowned training institute for the classical dance, & music of India. This “Temple of Arts” was founded by Rukmani Devi Arundale in 1936, to train and encourage young artists and to revive Bharathanatyam, the classical dance form of Tarmil Nadu. It imparts training on various branches of theatrical art, in the ancient ‘Gurukula’ system and in sylvan surroundings. Location at Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600 041.
Entry fee : For Indians Free, for foreigneis Rs. 50/-. Timings 9.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. No Holidays. Ph : 24521169

Chennai Madras University

Those who have read the Indian history cannot forget the stressed days of the 1857 mutiny, during which the Madras University was established. Started on the model of the London University, 146 if years ago, the University of Madras still 4 continues to be one of the leading centers of education in India. The University was incorporated by the Act (No. XX VII) of 1857 of the Legislative Council of India with a Senate and four faculties (Arts, Law, Medicine and Civil Engineering). The first senate was appointed and the regulations and by laws were drafted in 1857-58.
Location : Chepauk, (Opp. to Anna Square) Chennai - 600 005, Entry Free. Time 10 am, to 6 p.m. Holiday: Sat. & Sun. Ph: 22351137

Chennai Victory War Memorial

The Victory War Memorial situated on the Marina beach road commemorate the victory of the allied armies during World War-I and later became the victory war memorial for the World War-Il in memory of those from the then Madras Presidency who lost their lives for the nation. Location at Kaniarajar Salai (Near Island ground) Chennal - 600 009.

Chennai Marina Beach

Chennai is bestowed with a long beach abutting the Bay of Bengal. The 13 Km. long beach is said to he the second longest beach in the world. A stroll along the Marina in the evening creates euphoric feelings. At intermediate junctions on this promenade stand beautiful statues of Tamil scholars, patriots, and epic personalities. Of these, the Statue of Labor is a splendid sculpture depicting the efforts of a team of laborers who are at strenuous, manual work. The sea in this part is not recommended for swimming, as he currents violent. Even if you are good at swimming, please avoid swimming in this pat of the sea.

Nappier Bridge

On the way from Marina Beach to Govt. Secretariat this bridge was built in 1869 across Coovum river by Governor Napier who held this office from 866 to 1877. What was narrow bridge with Iron Girders this was broadened and built in concrete and was thrown open for General Traffic by Arthur Hope in July 1943. This Bridge bears ample testimony to the Engineering skill of the British.

Rajaji Hall

This banqueting hall of the British was built to commemorate the victory of British over Tipu Sultan. The beautiful Flight of steps of soaring heights there takes you to the spacious hall of this building and it will make you breathless with its beauty and immensity. This is now being used for big public functions and has been renamed as Rajaji Hall after Sri. Rajagopalachari, the first Governor General of India.
Location : Opp. ‘The Hindu’, Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002. Ph:25365635.

Regional Rail Museum

The Regional Rail Museum at Chennai is located amid picturesque, serene surroundings at ICF Furnishing Division. Tucked away among the trees, the Regional Rail Museum houses two indoor galleries and a large open area. The indoor galleries house various small exhibits, models, photographs and charts highlighting the development and growth of Railways. Museum provides ample avenues for any type of visitor. The visit promises to be a stimulating, exciting and nostalgic experience for young and old. It has a few toy trains and few 50 yrs old coaches. It is located at New Avadi Road. ICF, near ICF bus stand, Chennai-600 038, Entry fee: Adult Rs. 5/- Child Rs. 3. Holiday: Monday. Timing: 10 am, to 6 p.m. Ph : 26146267.

Theosophical Society

It was founded by Madam H.P. Blavatsky and Col. H.S. Olcott of U S A to study religion & philosophy. In 1892 the society moved to Chennai and was set amidst a vast expanse of woods on the estuary of Adyar. Above all, a largest Banyan tree which is several hundred years old is still alive in this campus. It spreads its branches and roots covering a space of 40,000 sq.ft. and gives a serene ambience. Adyar, Chennai 600 020. Entry free. Timings:830 am, to 10 am, and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday Holiday. Ph : 24912474.

Tidel Park

Tamil nadu’s answer in a simple way to Silicon Valley in the United Stales. A centre of excellence with all modern facilities houses some of the big names in the IT. Industries sector. Not to make life dull there are recreational facilities like Billiards, Table Tennis, Tennis etc., while Canara Bank caters to the Banking needs Higgin Bothams takes care of ‘book-worms’. Location : Taramani, Chennai - 600 113. Visiting only with permission. Sat. & Sun holiday. Time : 10 am. To 6 p.m. Ph: 2540500/501/502.

Tourism Complex

Tamil Nadu Govt. has created a tourism complex of 9000 sq.feet in 8 grounds of land, in Chennai Omandur Govt. Estate. It houses offices of tourism departments of various state governments. It is situated at wallajah Rd, (adjacent to Kalaivanar Arangam), Triplicane, Chennai - 600 005. Entry Free. Working: 24 Hrs. Ph 25388785.


Valluvar Kottam, yet another architectural marvel was built “recently in memory of poet-saint Thiruvalluvar, who is believed to have lived 2000 years ago. The saint authored a didactic book of epic proportions called Thirukkural consisting of 1330 couplets under 133 headings. The memorial is shaped like a temple car with an auditorium to accommodate upto 4000 spectators. The temple car structure is carved in granite with intricate details using the Dravidian Architectural style. Each chapter of Thirukkural is chiselled in a has-relief. Location: Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 34. Entrance Fee : Adult Rs. 3/, Children Rs. 2/- Timings : 8.00 am, to 6.00 p.m. No Holidays. Ph: 28172177.

Rippon Building

Another pride of Chennai city, this building was named after Governor Lord Rippon, the father of Self-Government in India. The Chennai(Corporation and its council are functioning in this building. Now the Mayor of Chennai Corporation is elected directly by the people. Park Rly.station. Chennai-3 Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Holiday: Sat., Sun.

Vivekanandar House

An imposing building on the Marina along the beach road, was constructed in 1842 to store Ice bars imported from the U.S.A by the Tudor Ice Company and the business was on up to 1874, till the ice was produced locally. Later this building was purchased by Bilagiri lyyengar in 1885, who called this building as ‘Castle Kernon’. It was in 1897 Swami Vivekananda visited this city, after his much acclaimed Chicago speech, on his return journey to Calcutta. Swami Vivekananda stayed in this historic building from February 6 to 15 in 1897. The Government took over the building in 1930 and in 1963 it was named after Vivekananda, on the eve of his centenary celebration. The building was renovated in December 1999 and Swamy Vivekananda’s statue was unveiled by the then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu M. Karunanidhi on the 20th December 1999. Located: Ice House, Triplicane, (facing to Marina beach) Chennai - 600005. Entry Fee: Adult Rs. 2/- Child Rs. 1/- . Time: 10 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. & 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday Holiday. Ph: 28446188.

Dovetion House

The building that houses the Principal, Registrar and Bursar’s office is more than 200 years old. Yes that’s true; Dovetion House was constructed in the year 1798 - the period when Wordsworth and Coleridge published their Lyrical Ballads”

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