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Tamil Nadu is a kaleidoscopic land characterised by topographical features long sunny beaches, sylvan surrounding. Waterfalls, hill resorts. Super shrine sculptures and varied flora and fauna. It is the region where the ancient Indian art and architecture in its purest form can be found. The reason being its remaining comparatively safe from the invaders. That is why life here is more placid. Relaxed, traditional and less hectic. With an area around 1 .30 lakh sq. km. and population about 6,24,05,679 this land is so steeped in tradition and its rich hermitage that even the early settlers here the British left their imprint rather vaguely. Its rich cultural heritage is well preserved in its towering and ornate temples, classical Bharat Natyam Dances. Karnatak music, literature and customs. The following places have special tourist attractions.


The Capital of Tamil nadu and the main centre of this region, chennai is relatively of recent origin. Earlier is relatively of recent origin. Earlier a Portuguese establishment, it passed into many hands and finally in 1653 it became East India Company’s Headquarters. The broad avenues, spacious bungalows, the old light house, the fort and the Churches can still transport a visitor to the Old Raj Days. Sprawling over an area of 178 sq. km. with a population of over 43,43,645. chennai, the metropolis is the fourth largest city of India. It has many attractions for the tourists. Some of them have been described below. Fort St. George Founded by the British East India Company in 1653, at present this houses the office of the Secretariat and the Legislative Assembly. St. Marry’s Church the first in India, built in 1680 AD and the Fort Museum are the places worth visiting.

Kapaleshwar Temple

This is the biggest shrine in the city. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, although the central figure here is Uma, the consort of Lord Shiva. There are many votive shrines closely.

Pantheon Museum & Art Gallery

This museum is the second oldest in India after Museum of Calcutta. Noted for Archaeological finds from the excavations it contains some rare ancient and modern paintings.

Parthasarthy Temple

Dedicated to Parthasarthy or Lord Krishna, ii was raised in the 18th century and has subsequently renovated many times.

Theosophical Society

Located at Adyar, and founded in 1875, this is the world Headquarters of of the Society. Associated with Dr. Annie Besant, it has rich collection of rare palm-leaf manuscripts.

Marina Beach

This is one of the finest and longest beaches in the world. The aquarium is on the sea-front. It remains open between 2PM to 8PM on working days.

Old Light House

Closely the High Court stands the 49 mtr. high Old Light House. It provides panoramic view of the city from its top. Other places of interest are Snake Park and Guindy Dear Park, near Raj Bhawan. the Presidency College and Gandhi Mandapam.

Chennai is well connected by rail, road and air routes with all the major towns of the country. There are very many good hotels including a 5 star hotel and numerous guest houses, lodges, and retiring rooms. There are city buses, taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and suburban electric trains. For shopping, Madras has many things to offer. It is noted for its bronzes, jewellery, silk fahrics, saris, wood carvings, leather and cane work. Bronzes and silks are the best bargain here.


Also called Mamallapuram, this coastal town was a glorious sea-port founded by a Pallavan king in the 17th Century. To-day it is a fascinating archaeological site and a pleasent sea- resort. At the mouth of the river Palar. on a large granite hall, about 1 km. in length from north to south, is the site of many monuments of interest. They are The Descent of Ganges (also known as Arjuna’s Penance. this open ai sculpture showing the descent of the holy river), Krishna Mandap (depicting Lord Krishna lifting the Mount Goverdhan), The Rathas (dedicated to the five Pandavas, showing fine chariots hewn out of solid granite monolithic rocks) and the Shore Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva). Mahabalipuram is just 60kms. from chennai and well connected by road transport. There are many good hotels and Inspection Bungalows for visitor’s stay.

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