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The Chandellas, the descendants of the moon-god the ambitious builders and great connoisseur of arts, embellished their cities and towns with palaces. pools and temples, but the complex of sunshine’s at Khajuraho (900 AD. to 14th century AD) represents the climax of the art of Hindu temple architecture during the medieval times. The temples at Khajuraho can be divided into three distinct groups: southern, eastern and western. They roughly cover 12 sq. km. of area. The western group comprises the famous Kandariya Mahadev Temple with its spectacular tower, the Lakshmana temple the only one to retain its complete form, the Chitragupta Temple, the Devi Jagdamba Temple, and the oldest Chausath Yogini Temple. The eastern group, close to the village contains Hindu and Jam temples including a shrine of monkey-god Lord Hanuman, of relatively recent origin. The southern group, about 4 km. from Khajuraho contains the well-known Duladeo and Chaturbhuj Temples, Khajuraho is well-connected by air with Delhi, Agra and Varanasi. A daily air service links Khajuraho to these major cities. Mahoba is the nearest railhead on Jhansi-Manakpur line ol Central Railway. Direct bus service links it to Jabalpur (296 km.) Jhansi (170 km.) and Bhopal (372 km.). There arc good hotels—both Indian and Western style Dharamshalas and various tourist lodges bungalow for the visitor’s stay.


Sanchi, a serene and sleepy place atop a hill has the singular distinction of telling an uninterrupted Buddhist history of over 2,000 years in stone. It has stupas. chaityas, temples, torana gateways, pillars and monasteries the best and perfect examples of Buddhist architectural and creative art in India. Situated near Bhopal (72 km. away) on the main Railway line Delhi-Madras, Sanchi was almost lost to us but for a British officer who rediscovered it in 1818 and the Archaeological Department finally restored and repaired in phases to the present state. The Great Stupa, The Four Toranas, Eastern Gateway, Western Gateway, Northern Gateway; Southern Gateway, Ashoka Pillar, the Great Bowl and the Museum are the spots deserving the visit.
Bhopal is the nearest airport which is linked with Delhi and many other major cities. Since it being a small station, many mail and express trains do not stop at Sanchi, but first class passengers can request for a halt at Sanchi. The request should be made well in advance to the concerned Railway section. By road Sanchi is connected with Bhopal, Indore, Sagar, Gwalior and Vidisha. Bhooal is 46 km. via Divanganj and 72 km. via Raisen. There are regular buses for Sanchi and taxis are also available. The accommodation available at Sanchi includes ITDC Traveler’s Lodge, Circuit House, PWD Rest House and Buddhist Guest House.
There are also some old caves and monuments, etc., nearby Sanchi. They are Udaigiri, (18 Hindu and 2 Jam Caves), Udaypur (Neelkantha Temple), Sonari and Satdhara (eight stupas); Raisen huge medieval Hindu fort built around 200 AD and Gyaraspur ( a fort, a temple and a tank).


Situated at an altitude of 1,067 meters, Panchamarhi is a fine hill resort. The town is on a plateau surrounded by wooden hills of Satpura ranges. The landscape is characterized by rugged hills, forests and ravines. Its scenic beauty becomes more enchanting in the evening when its red hills reflect the sun rays into beautiful shades of blues, reds and purples. It’s Dhupgarh and Mahadeo peaks offer excellent views of the sun rise and the valley across the river Narmada. The best season to visit Panchmarhi is from October to June. Bhopal (210 km.) and Nagpur (262 km.) are the nearest airports. Piparia is the nearest railhead on the Bombay Howrah main line. It is well connected by regular buses with Bhopal, Nagpur, Hoshangabad, Piparia and Chhindwara.
There are good hotels, retreats and Dharamshalas for visitors’ comfortable stay.


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