The Sungas The founder of the Sunga dynasty was Pushyamitra Sunga. He ascended the throne of Magadha in 185 B.C. The Sungas ruled for about 112 years Pushyamitra was a follower of Hinduism. He tried to revive the glory of the Vedic relgion He extended his empire up to the Punjab in the North West. Narmada was the southern boundary of his empire. He performed the Ashvamedha yaga arid assumed the title Maharajadhiraja. The great Sanskrit Grammarian Patanjali is said to have belonged to his time. Pushyamitras son was Agnimitra. He was a great conqueror. He was also the hero of the play Malavikagnimitram written by Kalidasa. The Sungas were constantly pre with wars. The later kings were weak and inefficient. Devaboothi (Devabhumi) was the last Sunga ruler. His minister Vasudeva Kanva murdered him The Kanvas began to rule Magadha.

Foreign Invasions

After the decline of the Mauryan Empire, the whole of North Western India fell into the hands of foreigners between the years 200 B.C. and 100 B.C. Except the Indo-Greeks or Bactrian Greeks, the Parthians, the Sakas and the Kushanas came from Central Asia. They settled in North India and made their contribution to Indian culture.

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