Satavahanas (225 B.C. – A.D. 200)

The Satavahanas or the Andhras ruled the land lying between the Godavai and the Krishna rivers. They ruled for about 450 years. The founder of the Satavahana dynasty was Simukha, who was a tyrant. But his son Sri Satakarani I brought glory to this dynasty. He conquered Malwa and performed Aswamedha Sacrifice. His capital was Gautamiputra Satakarani. He defeated the Sakas of Western India and was called Satakari. His reign lasted for about 25 years from A.D. 80 to A.D.104. Next to him, Vasistaputra Pulamayi and Yagna Sri Satakarni were powerful for sometime. Pulamayi Built a new city called Navangara. Pulamayi’s Queen Mother inscriptions and the stupa at Amaravathi furnish lot of information for Satavahana rule.

Society, Art and Culture under Satavahanas

The kings ruled according to Dharmasastras. Agriculture was the main occupation Trade and commerce flourished. Karshapana and Suvarnas were the approved currency. The vedic scholars received royal patronage. Prakrit language improved. The Saptasataka, Brihatkatha and the Katantra, a book on Sanskrit grammar, are the important literary works of the Satavahana period. The fine painting at Amaravathi and Nagarjunakonda caves belong to this period. The Satavahana rulers built beautiful temples, Monasteries. Rock cut caves, stupa and prayer halls.

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