There is a controversy over the origin of the Pailavas. Some view that the Pallavas were of Persian origin. Some consider that they were the feudatories of the Satavahanas. There are others, who view that they were the natives of Tondaimandalam,
There were two branches of Pallavas, namely the early and later Pallavas. Simhavishnu was the founder of the later Pallava dynasty. He ascended the throne by about A.D 575. Narasimha varman I, Raja Simha and Naridivarman U were the famous Pailava kings.

Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture under the Pallavas Mahendravarman I was a great builder. He excavated many rock cut tem at Tiruchirapalli, Chengalpet, North and South Arcot districts. He dug a number of lakes which include Mamandur and Mahendravadi lakes. He also wrote a Sanskrit drama called Mattavilasa prahasana. He was also a composer of music.

Narasimhavarman I

Narasimhavarman I NarasimhaVarman I was responsible for rock cut temples and cut out shrines. (Vimanas and Rathas). At Mamallapuram the Varaha, Trimurti and Mahishasuramardhini and the Panchapandava Rathas are the best examples. The depiction of Arjuna’S Penance or the Descent of the Ganges is a remarkable artifact at Mamallapuram. During Rajasimha’s period, the famous Kailasanathar Temple at Kanchipuram was built. Nandivarmar II built the famous Vaikundaperumal temple at Kanchipuram. These temples were the cultural centers for towns and villages. The kings and the public had their assemblies in these temples. Fine arts like music and dance performances were held in these temples. These temples were also centers of learning.
In the field of literature the Nayanmars and the Alwars made a great contribution. The Nayanmars wrote Tevaram and Tiruvasagam and the Alwars wrote the Nalayira Divya Prabandham.

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