The last Nanda ruler Dhana Nanda was both a tyrant and an unpopular king. The invasion of Alexander caused confusion in North India. There were signs of disaffection against foreign rule. Chandragupta Maurya took advantage of these conditions. At that time he was a military general in the army of Dhana Nanda. He overthrew his master. Chanakaya, a great Brahmin scholar, had helped him in this task Chandragupta established his authority in 322 B.C.

The Sources: The Sources for the history of the Mauryan period are as follows:
1. The Arthasastra, written by Chanakya, 2. Indica written by the Greek Ambassador Megasthenes, 3. The Mudrarakshasa, written by Visakadatta, 4. The Buddhist literature Jataka tales, Deepavamsa and Maavamsa (Ceylonese Chronicles), 5. Rock and Pillar Edicts of Asoka, 6. Coins of Chandragupta and Asoka and 7. Some artifacts unearthed by the archaeologists.

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