Alexander’s invasion Influence on India

Alexander’s invasion promoted the political unification of North India smaller states which were handicapped with disunity, wanted to become united. It was favorable for Chandragupta Maurya who shortly founded an Indian empire. The voyage and expeditions planned by Alexander paved new lines of communications with Western Asia. New routes of trade were opened. Maritime activities also increased. Although the Empire founded by Alexander in India did not last long, the Greek settlements in Bacteria and Parthia influenced India in many ways. Kanishka invited many Graeco Bactrian sculptors to Gandhara for making images of Buddha and Bodhisatvas. There was a blending of Greek and India art in image making. This new type was called Gandhara School of Art. It was greatly influenced by the Greeks. Greek influence on Indian astronomy is noteworthy. Alexander’s friend Nearchus and some others traveled along the coast of Western India. They wrote about what they saw in these regions. They also wrote the Geography, History and Culture of India. They had even described the climate, plants, religions and customs of India. These writings help the historians to earn about Alexander’s invasion and the condition of India at that time.

End of Nandha Rule in Magadha

The last Nanda ruler Dhana Nanda was disliked by his people. Nandas generally did not believe in God. They were atheists. Chanakya, a great Brahmin scholar, was the minister of Dhana Nanda. When he was dining in a Dhana sala, Dhana Nanda insulted him. It was a great disgrace for Chanakya. Therefore, he took a vow that he would ruin the Nanda dynasty. While he was busy in finding out ways and means to destroy the Nanda dynasty, he came across young Chandragupta It is said that he bought him from a hunter. Chanakya took him to Taxila. He gave him all the necessary education at Taxila. Chandragupta defeated Dhana Nanda with the help of Chanakya. He founded the Mauryan Empire.




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