India History

Pre-Historic Period

The term pre-history refers to the very early stages in the evolution of mankind, We do not have written records for this period. Certain physical remains, tools and implements used by people in different parts of the world are the basis to classify pre-historic period broadly into Stone and Metal Ages. In the Stone Age man used weapons and articles made of stones. Hence it is called the ‘Stone Age’. This Age is divided into Old Stone Age or Paleolithic Age and New Stone Age or Neolithic Age.

Life in Old Stone Age

During the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic Age) man led a nomadic life. He gathered fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts and ate them. He started hunting the animals. Man invented fire by rubbing two pieces of flint. Man used leaves, barks of trees and skins of animals to cover his body.

Life in New Stone Age

During the New Stone Age, man had learnt the art of agriculture. For this purpose, the fertile river Valleys were used. Man started leading a civilized life. Animals were domesticated. During this period, the wheel was invented. It was a turning point in the life of man. Wheels were used by man to carry luggage to different places. This was the first step in scientific advancement. From tiny watch to the aeroplane, the idea is b on wheel. He made pots with the help of wheel, thus, man iii the New Stone Age was responsible for the growth of civilizations

Life in Metal Age

The discovery of metals was another achievement made by man. Metals were used for making weapons. During this period, people mostly lived near the river beds. So, the river Valley Civilizations developed. The Metal Age is divided into Copper Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. In the Iron Age, ploughs and daggers were made of iron. It led to the overall development of mankind.


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