After the decline of Kushan Empire there was no powerful Kingdom in North India for about a century. In the beginning of the 4th Century AD, Sri Gupta established a small Kingdom at Pataliputra. He is considered as the founder of the Gupta dynasty. The Guptas ruled North India for about 200 years. There was political unity, economic Prosperity and extraordinary progress in every aspect of life under the Guptas, Hence this period is known as the Golden Age in the history of India.

There are many (a) literary and (b) archeological sources available for the history of the Guptas. The main among them are (1) the Eighteen Puranas (2) Chinese traveler Fahien’s account, (3) Vishakadatta’s Mudra Rakshasa, (4) Kalidasa’s literary works, (5) Bana’s Harsha Charita, (6) the Allahabad Pillar Inscription of Samudgragupta, (7) Coins and (8) Seals and monuments. After Sri Gupta Chandragupta I was the famous ruler.




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