Contribution of Asoka to Buddhism

Asoke did a great service in spreading Buddhism. He made it a world religion. He undertook a tour for two years with the Buddhist monk Upagupta or Tissa. He became an ardent follower of Buddhism. He decided to guide the people on the basic principles of Buddhism. Asoka’s services of Emperor Constantine of Rome to Christianity.

1. Ashoka caved the teachings of the Buddha on rocks, pillars and stupas in many parts of his vast empire. These edits were placed in markets and other places where peole gathered. His edicts carried his message to the nook and corner of his empire. To spread his message Asoka used Pali, the language of the people. So the people got a clear understanding of the teachings. The important rock edicts of Ashoka are at Kalsi, Bairat, Rupnath, Dausil, Sopra and Girnar. The well known pillar edicts of Asoka are at Jaugada, Saranath and Rampurva.

2. He built stupas and viharas in memory of Buddha. These viharas in later ages become monasteries of the Buddhist monks.

3. He built several monasteries where the monks could study the Buddhist scriptures and lead a life of quiet meditation.

4. Asoka visited all the holly places in our country associated with the life of Buddha. He also introduced the system of royal tours.

5. He sent monks to preach Buddha’s doctrines and spread his teachings in far off countries like Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt, Tibet, China and Burma.

6. He also appointed officials called Dharamayukthas and Dharma Mahamatras who supervised and encouraged people to lead a pure and moral life.

7. He sent his son mahendra and his daughter Sangamitra to Sri Lanka to preach Bddhism.

8. Form the edicts we know that Asoka named himself as Devenampriya (beloved of the God) and Priyadarshan (pleasing appearance).

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