Haryana Tourism Information

Badkhal Lake

About 9 km. from Suraj Kund and lies the sprawling Badkhal Lake, nestled within the boulder strewn Aravalli hills. The place has restaurants, swimming pool. Boating and sauna bath facilities, air-conditioned rooms and camper huts.

Jungle Babbler (Dharuhera)

Seventy km. away from Delhi on Delhi-Jaipur Highway, lies the charming tourist complex called the Jungle Babbler. Situated in the sandy tract bordering with Rajasthan, the jungle babbler is a real oasis in the desert to delight you. To a weary traveler the 13 acres of landscape garden here provides are refreshing stay. The architectural finesse given to the motel, is something that would at once captivate your heart. Besides a cafe, air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant, it has a compact little bar, a nice cozy corner for tete-a-tete while ice cubes bob on annber liquids. It is really a fun to sojourn in such serene and bracing environs.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

The Rosy Pelican, bird sanctuary at Sultanpur, 46 km. away from Delhi, on Gurgaon Road, is a quite place where you arc face to face with a host of your feathery friends like mallard, pochard, shovellers. tital, gadwell. greylag, barheaded, geese, flamingo, pelican, cranes, ruddy shelduck, painted stock spoon hill. white ibis, heron, and lapwing. The lake stretched in about 400 acres of land virtually becomes a bird watchers paradise in October- February v migratory birds from as tar a Europe and Siberia visit the lake. Birds gliding, beaking, floating, diving, flying. and noosing, on a vast expanse of water with groves of Acacia, make a very fascinating spectacle. It is not just a bird sanctuary but a holiday home, too, and a pick-nicker’s delight. There are camper huts, a guest house, with air-conditioned rooms right at the water’s edge, a restaurant and a bar to provide you with choicest drinks.


Forth six km. away from Delhi on Delhi Highway, is the health and holiday resort Sohna, atop Sohna hill. Sohna in Hindi means gold; in the past, gold used to be collected from the sands of the streams around the town. From the hill top you can have a panoramic view of the vast green fields, and the rugged countryside around. A delightful motel perched on the edge of the hills, with its luxuriously furnished rooms and exclusive balconies overlook the town. And the Barbet huts, artistically designed and tastefully furnished with all facilities under one roof constitute a heavenly set up for the tourists.


At Hodal, 92 km. from Delhi on Delhi-Agra Highway, lies another lake resort of Dahehick. Here a scooped out depression has been fashioned into a beautiful lake, Bottle-brush and bougain-villea-tumble around, bowing as if to see their own reflections into the placid waters. You can join there the lively ducks and test your boating skills.

Tilyar Lake

Seventy km. from Delhi is located another surprisingly delightful spot for a boating holiday that is as enchanting as it is surprising. Here the paddle and rowboats await the traveler to steer him away over the deep waters in the reign of serenity and silence.

Pinjore Gardens

The Pleasure Gardens of Pinjore, now renamed as Yadavindra Gardens at the foothills of Shivalik hills, are 20 km. from Chandigarh, and 12 km. from Kalka. The superb scenic beauty of the place has been a centre of great attraction for Maharajas, saints and common folks alike. In ancient times Pandavas came and stayed here during their exile. They built a temple and bath here. Draupadi is said to have used this same bath. In the memory of this visit of the Pandavas the village came to he known as Panchpura. Pinjore is believed to he the currupted form of Panchpura.

The present garden was built by Nawab Fidai Khan, Governor of the Punjab during Aurangzeb’s reign. He was so fascinated by scenic that he at once decided to have a terraced garden as his pleasure resort. The garden contains seven descending terraces, with an ornamental waterway flowing down the centre and flanked by well laid out lawns and gardens. Overlooking the water courses are the three pleasure places—Sheesh Mahal, Rang Mahal and Jal Mahal. The Sheesh Mahal’s ceiling has numerous mirror pieces encased in geometric patterns. Its windows opening over the waterways offer a beautiful scene of the garden.

The gardens are open down dawn to late night, and accommodation is available in the Rang Mahal and Sheesh Mahal or in the Guest Hoses within the gardens, Adjacent to the gardens, is a motel with air -conditioned rooms, a banquet hail and a conference room.


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