Haryana Information

Haryana literally means the forest Land of Hari. In ancient times there were a huge green dense forest and an ideal place for the cows’ grazing. Its capital is Chandigarh, area 44212 sq. kms., population around 2,10,82,989 principal languages spoken are Haryanvi (adialect of Hindi), Hindi and Punjabi. Climate is typically north Indian with temperature fluctuating between 15°C to 5 in winter and 15° to 45° in summers. The best season to visit this province is between October and March. Haryana surrounds Delhi from three sides. Initially it was part o Province hut since Nov. I. 1966 it has been a separate State of Indian Union.

The ancient land of Haryana is rich in traditions, culture, legend and lore. It was here on the sacred soil of Kurukshetra that Lord Krishna imparted the eternal and celestial message of Srimad bhagwat Gita. Panipat, the famous battle ground of medieval times is very much here. Haryana has been the cradle of Vedic civilisation. There are many laudatory references to its rivers and places in the ancient Indian literature. Some of the famous tourist spots are listed below.


About one hundred and sixty km. away from Delhi, Kurukshetra is one of the most sacred places and a centre of pilgrimage where lakhs of devotees congregate on important festivals to have the holy dip in the sacred pond. Here there is a Gita Temple situated at the exact spot where Lord Krishna imparted the celestial message of Gita.
Nearby is Thaneswar ss here Harsh,. the Great ruled in the seventh century


About 75 km. away from Delhi, Panipat is a famous historical place. A legend says that it was founded by King Dandapani 707 years before the advent of Christ. It was here that three great battles were lought. the most prominent one being that which was fought between Bahur and Ibrahim Lodi in 1526 and which established the Mughal Rule in India.

Suraj Kund

On the outskirts of Delhi, this is a famous picnic spot with a serene lake resort in between. Historically it came into prominence when the Jat ruler Surajmal Jat camped with his army to attack Delhi in the eighteenth century.

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